Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beautiful Photography by Elena Vizerskaya

Beautiful Photography by Elena Vizerskaya:
Elena Vizerskaya

Elena Vizerskaya is superb talented Russian female artist. Her images showed that drastically different and inventive stock could not only find an audience but flourish.

Elena Vizerskaya2
Elena Vizerskaya3
Elena Vizerskaya4
Elena Vizerskaya5
Elena Vizerskaya6
Elena Vizerskaya7
Elena Vizerskaya8
Elena Vizerskaya9
Elena Vizerskaya10
Elena Vizerskaya11
Elena Vizerskaya12
Elena Vizerskaya13
Elena Vizerskaya14
Elena Vizerskaya15
Elena Vizerskaya16
Elena Vizerskaya17
Elena Vizerskaya18
Elena Vizerskaya19
Elena Vizerskaya20

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