Thursday, October 13, 2011

Portrait Photography by Ted Sabarese

Portrait Photography by Ted Sabarese:
Ted Sabarese

Ted Sabarese shoots people. All kinds of people, but especially relishes working with non-professional models and actors who don’t fit the traditional definition of beauty. His personal and fine art work have won wide, critical acclaim for their conceptual and graphic nature, and have been exhibited in galleries in both the U.S. and abroad. This exposure compliments his many commercial advertising and editorial assignments and awards.

Ted Sabarese2
Ted Sabarese3
Ted Sabarese4
Ted Sabarese5
Ted Sabarese6
Ted Sabarese7
Ted Sabarese8
Ted Sabarese9
Ted Sabarese10
Ted Sabarese11
Ted Sabarese12
Ted Sabarese13
Ted Sabarese14
Ted Sabarese15
Ted Sabarese16
Ted Sabarese17
Ted Sabarese18
Ted Sabarese19
Ted Sabarese20
Ted Sabarese21

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