Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Photography by Tracy Raver

Baby Photography by Tracy Raver:
Tracy Raver

Art works of American photographer Tracy Raver cause tenderness. Tracy specializes in photographing of babies aged about 2 weeks. To get children in such half asleep condition photographer tries to make the studio as warm and welcoming as she can, and moms fed babies right before the shooting. As a result we see absolutely stunning photos of charming sleeping babies.

Tracy Raver2
Tracy Raver3
Tracy Raver4
Tracy Raver5
Tracy Raver6
Tracy Raver7
Tracy Raver8
Tracy Raver9
Tracy Raver10
Tracy Raver11
Tracy Raver12
Tracy Raver13
Tracy Raver14
Tracy Raver15
Tracy Raver16

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