Monday, October 10, 2011

Advertising Photography by Alan Powdrill

Advertising Photography by Alan Powdrill:
Alan Powdrill

Alan Powdrill is an advertising photographer who lives and works in London. This work is from his photo project, Tashmen, which explores “the huge growth in the numbers of men now adorning facial decor once considered nowhere near cool”. Tashmen was recently shown in The Times Magazine. Powdrill is represented by Friend & Johnson (US), Vue (UK), and Anne Marie Gardinier (France).

Alan Powdrill2
Alan Powdrill3
Alan Powdrill4
Alan Powdrill5
Alan Powdrill6
Alan Powdrill7
Alan Powdrill8
Alan Powdrill9
Alan Powdrill10
Alan Powdrill11
Alan Powdrill12
Alan Powdrill13
Alan Powdrill14
Alan Powdrill15
Alan Powdrill16
Alan Powdrill17
Alan Powdrill18

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